Starting Over

CIMG1367From friends playing matchmaker to this brave new world of Internet “meetup” websites, learning to date again can be an intimidating prospect.

Beyond what to wear, how do know if you are ready? How do you want to portray yourself online? And, are you ready for that first kiss (or something more!)?

For mature women, dipping your toe back into the romance waters can stir up a complex mix of emotions – from the feeling of vulnerability in “stepping out” again to the giddiness of online or first-date flirting. And, then, if you click, the emotional uncertainty that kicks in at the prospect of once again being touched, caressed or loved.

This workshop is specifically designed for women who are returning to the dating scene after a divorce, widowhood or the decision to move on from a previous relationship. It’s a day of pampering, rewarding insights and a renewed, joyful sense of self.

Everyone is unique, but some of the issues you may be tangoing with could include:

  • Evolving body image and redefining your sensuality
  • Feeling awkward or anxious
  • Letting go from a painful divorce or breakup
  • Defining and setting dating boundaries
  • Dating again after disability, aging or illness
  • How to be truly authentic, captivating and comfortable!
  • What works and what is non-negotiable in your new dating life

You’ve lived, loved and lost; you’ve experienced the many nuances of life and love. Now’s the time to embrace your own vitality and sensuality, and start over as the confident, beautiful woman you are.

How it Works

You can attend this workshop alone, with a friend or with a group of friends. You’ll be treated to a facial, and spend time with a stylist and a photographer gifted at finding your true essence.  Whether you opt to use the photo shoot as a headshot for your online dating profile or to explore your “sexy & sensational” side, you’ll make conscious decisions about your own self-image and sensuality as a mature woman.

As the day unfolds, I’ll help you process your feelings about what it is like to be touched, nurtured, and photographed. Together we can delve into how you define yourself, your sexuality and your desires as you enter this new dating stage of your life.

Aimed at providing guidance as you reimagine your new life going forward, I can help you rethink your own prejudices, let go of any negative thoughts or behaviors that are not serving you well, and take control of your new life. You’ll emerge feeling flirty and fabulous – more confident about becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

To Register

To learn more about this workshop or see upcoming workshop dates, contact my office in Marietta, GA.