Signs of Sexual Addiction

Here are some distinct signs that will assist you in determining whether or not this could be a problem in your life. While this list is by no means complete it is meant as a tool to help you identify the warning signs that sex has begun to dominate your life.

  • You continue to use sexual behavior despite negative consequences it has caused or has the potential to cause in your life
  • You can’t stop thinking about sex and your way of using it even though you try
  • You go from one relationship to the next always thinking this one is “perfect” for me
  • Your behavior has escalated either by the amount of sexual behavior or type of sexual behavior
  • You stay in relationships long after you know your should have gotten out
  • Vows to stop acting out sexually are unsuccessful
  • There are risks of harm to yourself or others in order to be sexual – disease, pregnancy or legal consequences
  • People in your life complain about your sexual behavior or conversations
  • The behavior is contributing to a secret life – it would be harmful if someone found out

Sex and Relationship addiction are damaging to the soul. It is never easy to be totally honest with ourselves but it is required to live an authentic life. If you feel any, or all, of these signs are present in your life – we can help. Call today and set up a confidential assessment to explore this topic further.

Whatever you do – don’t give up. There is Hope in Recovery.