Signs of Sexual Addiction

Here are some distinct signs that will assist you in determining whether or not this could be a problem in your life. While this list is by no means complete it is meant as a tool to help you identify the warning signs that sex has begun to dominate your life. Signs of Sexual Addiction […]

Joe’s Story

Let me tell you about Joe – perhaps you know him. He is a tall attractive man who entered my office with a firm handshake and a smile. Joe projects an image of a successful, interesting person who has everything externally that a person could want. He has a beautiful family, challenging and fulfilling work, […]

Is Sex Addiction “Real”?

When Patrick Carnes first began to write about sex addiction in the early 80’s no one else had ever identified these issues quite the way he described them. Many clinicians and researchers had seen the behavior but chose to call it sexual compulsivity rather than sexual addiction. For many years this has been a primary […]